Child Of The Light

by Kor Element

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From non-existence to existence, we have all been in the darkness. This song is my journey from darkness to Light.


From Non-existence to existent
There was resistance
but I made it through persistence
Was it dis-incarnation incarnated
or was consciousness reincarnated, Doesn’t matter
A fetus in the womb
How’s that different
From a corpse in a tomb, Doesn’t matter
The fact is I’m here
Been walking the earth for ten years
But Why do I suffer?
Why am I getting beat by my own mother?
Why am I getting tortured by my brother?
I get older
Only to discover, Doesn’t matter
That I’m hated by my lovers
It’s Okay
I can drink the pain away
For decades
I stayed in a slumber
Self medicating
But I got the wrong prescription
Wrong diagnosis
Until I got focused
To cure the psychosis of hopeless
Time to stand up and take notice
Of why’m I so ferocious
Why have I chose this deranged plane
of physical desires and material gain
A childhood of pain grounded me in this plane
So I could know wrong from right
I’m Kor Element: Child of the Light

Child of the Light
Child of the Light
Child of the Light
Child of the Light
I’ma Child of the Light, Child of the Light
I’ma Child of the Light, Child of the Light
I’ma Child of the Light, Child of the Light
I’ma Child of the Light, Child of the Light

Know your Darkness and make a choice
Not quite knowing the Light but try to speak it with my voice
It’s hard living that life, I’m thinking twice about this Light
Like how to defend whats right without putting up a fight
Gotta believe I got it me, though I don’t feel it that much
People be like Dude You’re amazing and I’m like what?
I Spend my days in a haze dreaming of ways
To just do nothing and still get paid
If I’m doing nothing WHAT does that say?
Sitting cross legged meditating all day
Feeling their vibration obey obey
No waaaaaaay,
It’s time for a new chapter
Where we rewrite the play and we playing the lead actors
Maybe we the sheep but we heading for greener pastures
Or runaway slaves revolting against the masters
Calculate the factors, discuss matters
Cause yeah things a changing but things need to change faster
Soon come that day that we disobey our captors
Head for the hills its another man made disaster
What you really after? What’s the situation?
Where you attain your most intimate aspirations?
The drive in your driven, the purpose you been given
What is your reason for living
What you here for? Once I was asked?
Had to think about it and readjust my plans
There’s something and its coming, you running but you can’t hide
It’s the inevitability of our rise
Brothers and sisters reawaken in then night
Only to be reborn as a Child of the Light


released April 17, 2016
Lyrics by Kor Element
Produced by Noah Beijer



all rights reserved


Kor Element Los Angeles, California

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